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Item:Britannia Silver Bowl
Materials:Britannia Silver (Hall-marked in Sheffield, UK)
Dimensions:240mm (9.5") diameter x 80mm H.
Finish:Dark oxidized and waxed.
Date:Finally completed in May 2011.
Description:Double-skin construction.
Number One:Purchased for the Freeman College collection. Can be made to order.

Galerie Sofie Lachaert took part in COLLECT 2011 at the Saatchi Gallery in London where they showed 'Indulgence for a light drinker'. Subsequently this piece has sold at their gallery in Belgium.

Item:'Indulgence for a light drinker'
Materials:Sterling Silver (Hall-marked in Sheffield, UK)
Dimensions:235mm L. x 105mm W. x 65mm H.
Finish:Dark oxidized and waxed.
Date:Only finally completed in March 2011 although Hall-marked 4 yrs. earlier.
Number made:One only to date, may make similar to order (9 to 12 weeks) 'tho no two will be entirely the same as this.

Keith is showing new work in the current exhibtion "Candles & Mirrors" at Galerie Sofie Lachaert, 5th February - 8th April 2012. (Tel: +32 3 7111963)

'Runcible' Serving Spoons

Runcible Serving Spoons

Pair of double-skinned Bowls Commissioned pair of gilded silver Beakers, 2009

[Images: L - R] Double-skinned silver and copper bowls (CBS Touring Exhibition SIDExSIDE, Edge-Edge). Gilded Silver Beakers.