Chronological Archive

The archive is an illustrated, captioned listing of most of my commissioned and self-generated projects from 1958, up to and including 2008.

The archive is shown in chronological order but can also be viewed by category, purpose and material

  • Pewter Beaker

    Pewter Drinking Beaker


    Double Wall Construction to give both visual weight and a degree of insulation. This pewterware is lead-free and fully food safe. It is made from tin alloy of 95% pure tin approved by Safety Standards Agencies in Europe California & Japan. Pewter can be washed by hand in soapy water and buffed with a duster to preserve its patina.

  • Millennium Punchcup

    Punch Cup on Stand


    A ‘tall-standing’ punch cup. The actual ‘cup’ is quite small and detachable from it’s ‘stand’ by withdrawing the ‘pin’, implying perhaps, an ‘explosive’ variety of Punch!

    Four Punch-cups were originally made, each a ‘personal’ expression for displaying with the Punch Bowl in The Millennium Galleries, Sheffield. Commissioned by The Assay Master, these Punch Cups say something of the individual idiosyncrasies of the four designers:- Alex Brogden, Brett Payne, Chris Knight and Keith Tyssen.

  • Millennium Punch Bowl

    The Millennium Punchbowl and Ladle


    Permanent display in the new Millennium Galleries in Sheffield.

    Commissioned by Sheffield Assay Office .

    Weight of sterling silver over 46 Kilos.

    This was designed and produced in a unique collaboration by four designer-silversmiths:

    Alex Brogden, Chris Knight, Brett Payne and Keith Tyssen who each also produced an individual Punch Cup to accompany the Bowl.

  • Double skin pewter bowl

    Punched and oxidised pewter bowl



  • 9-light Table-piece

    9-light Centrepiece


    A 9-light Centrepiece comprised of a lozenge-shaped glass platform lifted on silver supports and with located positions for the nine independent Candlesticks here shown in four sizes.