Chronological Archive

The archive is an illustrated, captioned listing of most of my commissioned and self-generated projects from 1958, up to and including 2008.

The archive is shown in chronological order but can also be viewed by category, purpose and material

  • Silver bookmarkers



    Bookmarkers made in thin flexible silver from around 1972.

    Early versions were laboriously, individually, patterned by hand-punch-work and subsequently modified for the photo-etching process. However, they are still individually hammered for both texture and to stiffen/harden the silver.

  • Prototype set of stainless steel cutlery

    Cutlery and Flatware


    Cutlery and Flatware, design and prototypes commissioned by The Co-operative Wholesale Society Ltd. for volume production in stainless steel for the ‘economy sector’ of the market, and for manufacture in their Sheffield factory, (prototype pieces in 18/8 stainless steel)

  • Letter Openers in Silver

    Letter Openers


    Letter Openers in silver with hand-punch-worked texturing, made from around 1972, (subsequently, a series of heftier versions were made in pewter and date from 2004).

  • A pair of coasters

    Pair of Coasters


    A pair of Coasters for a a private commission

  • 2-light Candelabra

    2-light Candlesticks


    A two-light Candlestick commissioned by Dr. Hugh Plommer as a gift for Wolfson College, Cambridge. (silver, engraved by George Lukes)

    During subsequent years I have made a further nine for Wolfson College.

    Additional image showing me mallet-ing a sturdy silver wire in process of making the first of the Wolfson College Candlesticks. My working drawing for this Candlestick is just discernable pinned to the wall.

  • Keith working on the Bi-Centenary Commemoration Centrepiece

    Bi-Centenary Commemoration Centrepiece


    The Sheffield Assay Office’s Bi-Centenary Commemoration Centrepiece.

    This Piece, as conceived, should include flowers. This special purpose Bowl was commissioned by the Goldsmiths’ Company of London and given to Sheffield Assay Office commemorating 200 yrs. of Hall-marking in Sheffield (1773 to 1973).

    The design provides a wide, flat rim on which are the scattered facsimiles of 199 Date Letters incorporated within Sheffield’s Assay Marks and with the 200th being the then current date letter included in the Hall-mark to be found on the outside of this Bowl.

    At the centre of this piece is a small bowl to hold water and this small bowl is surmounted by an open-work Fret (or grille) to support a token display of flowers (i.e. Fresias). The pattern of open-work forming the Fret make for a visual representation of the systematic pattern of hammer-blows worked by the silversmith throughout the processes of ‘raising’ and ‘planishing’, whilst hand-working on a vessel raised-up from a flat sheet of silver.

    On top of the Fret, at its centre is a Crown, the original Town Mark for Sheffield, and the then (in 1973) newly adopted York Rose is depicted at the very centre of this Bowl. (sterling silver, the 199 facsimile date letters photo-etched, the Fret is silver-gilt, the Crown and the Rose: modelled, cast, carved and chased by me, the engraved inscription is by George Lukes).

    Two further illustrations show the Assay Office Centrepiece during the later stages of construction in my workshop, myself carving detail into the York Rose prior to its being soldered in position at the centre of the Bowl, and with my then trainee-silversmith Alan Jeandin ensuring that the Fret will fit nicely on the Bowl.

  • Double skin silver bowl

    Double-skin silver bowl


    Double-skin Bowl commissioned by a private collector

  • Pair of 4-light Candelabra


    Pair of 4-light Candelabra for The Plumbers’ Company, commissioned by Lord Farringdon. (silver, engraved by George Lukes).

  • Limited ed. Railway Tickets

    Railway Tickets


    Railway Tickets in an edition of 200, commissioned by the North Yorkshire Moors Historical Railway Trust and in celebration of the re-opening of steam train services on the line from Grosmont to Pickering. (silver tickets showing obverse and reverse faces, (silver, photo-etched, in an edition of 200 and the graphics artwork by Walter Bloor.)

  • Bahamas Centrepiece

    Bahamas Centre-piece


    The Bahamas Centrepiece is multi-functional, shown here assembled as a single item. It comprise three adaptable components to enable independent use of the 6-light Candlestick whilst the Bowl, with the Fret in place will support a display of flowers, or with the Fret removed, the Bowl may be independently used, i.e. for fruit or salad. This piece was commissioned by H.M. Government as an Independence Gift to the people of the Bahamas Islands (chasing by Bill Richardson, the splendid carvings of the two ‘Coats of Arms’ and other engraving is by George Lukes),

    Additional images:

    My preliminary drawings of component parts for the Bahamas Centre-piece.

    The brief required that this piece be multifunctional, thus my preliminary thoughts on three likely arrangements, a). the Bowl, b). a plan view of the Fret, c). elevation of the six-light Candlestick, b). elevation of the ‘complete’ assembly

    Part of the Bahamas (Centrepiece) Bowl with the Fret in position for displaying flowers. The Bahamas Islands ‘Coat of Arms’ is mounted alongside that of the United Kingdom.

    The Candlestick component which forms an integral part of the ‘complete’ Bahamas Centre-piece