Chronological Archive

The archive is an illustrated, captioned listing of most of my commissioned and self-generated projects from 1958, up to and including 2008.

The archive is shown in chronological order but can also be viewed by category, purpose and material

  • Candelabrum for London School of Economist

    Candlesticks for The London School of Economics


    Two 4-light Candlesticks and a 7-light Candelabra commissioned for the Staff Club at The London School of Economics.

    This order from the Staff Club at The LSE was followed up with an order for 26 x 3-light Candlesticks (in black iron)

  • Cigarette Box

    Cigarette Box


    Cigarette Box commissioned by The Armourers’ and Braziers’ Company.

  • Iron candleabra

    Iron Candlestick


    An iron Candlestick designed for manufacture in low technology workshops using simple batch production methods, (black iron with a lustrous graphite finish)

  • Altar pieces for Manchester Cathedral

    Manchester Cathedral Altar Pieces


    The Manchester Cathedral Altar Pieces seen in a hastily shot image in my workshop!

    On a visit to the Cathedral during 2007, I was informed that thieves had stolen the Candlesticks. Then came a further shock as I discovered that the Altar Cross had been crudely sawn from its original base and stuck onto what looks like a broom handle and in this way now serves as a Processional Cross!

  • 4-light Candelabra

    4-light Candelabrum


    A 4-light Candelabrum, privately commissioned in celebration of a 25th wedding anniversary.

    And a view of the component parts.

  • Mauritius Mace

    Ceremonial Mace for the Parliament of Mauritius


    Ceremonial Mace, commissioned by HM. Government for the UK Parliamentary ‘Independence Gift’ to the Parliament of Mauritius.

    The heavy Head counter-balanced by a piece of Mauritian Basalt, on a rosewood shaft. The inlay of ‘Mother o’ Pearl’ (supplied from Mauritius) and a naturalistic chased detail of sugar cane were both worked by me, otherwise this piece was manufactured chiefly by Mr. Francis Beck of Wakely & Wheeler & Co. Ltd., London).

    Images show two details of the Mauritius Mace, the naturalistic chasing of sugar cane close to the Head of the Mace and Indian Ocean ‘Mother o’ Pearl’ inlaid into silver at the lower end of the Shaft, and below that is a piece of Mauritius volcanic rock (basalt) forming the Foot of the Mace. The Mauritian ‘Coat of Arms’ is mounted on top of the Head of the Mace.

    A leather covered Stand made for this Mace is not illustrated.

  • ‘Bobbin’ or ‘Spool’ Candlesticks

    ‘Bobbin’ or ‘Spool’ Candlesticks


    ‘Bobbin’ or ‘Spool’ Candlesticks, silver, with oxidised punch-work decoration.

    First made in 1970.

    Subsequent variations were designed to be made in Pewter after 1990.

    Yet another variation was subsequently made in silver, after 2006.

  • Cigarette Box

    Cigarette Box


    A small Cigarette Box for Sir Michael Hornby, engraving of a Fox by Reynolds Stone, box lined with cedar wood.

  • Pair of 3-light Candelabra

    Pair of 3-light Candlesticks


    Pair of 3-light Candlesticks commissioned by The Goldsmiths’ Company for Newnham College, Cambridge and designed for use on an unusually narrow ‘top-table’ in the Great Hall at Newnham, with its impressive ‘barrelled’ ceiling.

    Also shown is my original sketch drawing for the 3-light Candlesticks.

  • Pair of 4-light Candelabra

    4-light Candelabra


    Pair of 4-light Candelabra commissioned by The Company of Merchants of the Staple of England and to commemorate their 500th anniversary

    Also shown is an original sketch design for the 4-light Candelabra