Chronological Archive

The archive is an illustrated, captioned listing of most of my commissioned and self-generated projects from 1958, up to and including 2008.

The archive is shown in chronological order but can also be viewed by category, purpose and material

  • Chalice and Paten

    Chalice and Paten


    Chalice and Paten for Ackworth Parish Church, Yorkshire

  • One of a pair of 15-light Candelabra

    15-light Candelabra


    Pair of 15-light Candelabra commissioned by The Goldsmiths’ Company and given to Exeter University (silver, engraved by T& A Wise)

    Images also show my original sketch design for a 15-light Candelabrum subsequently made as a pair, in silver and the preliminary model in wood, made before starting the work in silver.

  • Goldsmiths' Centrepiece

    Centrepiece - six-light candelabrum & four dishes


    Designed and made by Keith in 1966, this piece is owned by the Goldsmiths' Company, London.

    It formed part of the exhibition at Goldsmiths' hall “Treasures of the 20th Century” during summer 2000 and at the Koldinghus Museum, Denmark during 2002.

    Only one other has been made to this design and sold during an exhibition in Japan.

    Weight of silver: 5 Kilos (approx.)

  • Casket for Bradford Civic Collection

    Casket for Bradford Civic Society


    A Casket for Bradford Civic Society (engraved by T & A. Wise)

  • unavailable

    Caster and ‘Cube’ Condiments


    Spice (or sugar) Caster and ‘Cube’ Condiments with closers, ‘bayonet fittings’, underneath, (silver, with punch-work rosettes).

  • Gilded Beech-wood Cross


    Gilded Beech-wood Cross suspended over the central Altar in Churchill College Chapel, Cambridge and commissioned by The Goldsmiths’ Company. The brief asked for a three-dimensional Cross on account of its being placed at the centre of a square building. I resolved this by contriving a solid Cross in one plane, and a linear outline Cross of textured anodised aluminium in the second plane, at a right-angle to the Gilded Cross.

    The whole construction is suspended on four piano-wires. Commissioned by The Goldsmiths’ Company together with four floor-standing wooden Candlesticks, also for The Chapel.

  • Lighting Efficiency Trophy

    Lighting Efficiency Trophy


    Race Trophy awarded by OSRAM to the winning driver in the BARC Saloon Car Race Competition. The racing driver Hammond Innes presented the Trophy at a splendid event in the Grosvenor House Hotel.

    The Trophy: (silver, supporting a silver-gilt and subtlely ovoid form and with a Base of Cumberland Green Slate (engraved by George Lukes).

    Although originally made for The National Saloon Car Racing Championships, a few years later, the above Trophy was re-named by Osram-GEC Ltd. and then served as the Lighting Efficiency Trophy for The Lighting Industries Federation. Simplified, small keepsakes were also presented annually for several years.

  • Chalice and Paten for the Catholic communion

    Chalice and Paten for Heathrow Airport Chapel


    Chalice and Paten for Heathrow Airport Chapel forming part of a commission from The Goldsmiths’ Company.

    This commission included also a non-denominational Communion Set (not illustrated)

  • ‘Cube’ Gas Lighters

    Cube Gas Lighters


    Some of a small series of ‘Cube’ Gas Lighters (Colibri mechanisms), several purchased by Colibri UK Ltd., (silver cases individually punch-worked)

  • Poseybowl


    A Poseybowl commissioned by The Armourers’ & Braziers’ Company