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Keith Tyssen is a Designer/Silversmith and with wider Metalsmithing interests. Productive since 1958 and today similarly engaged.

He has three daughters: Katie, Sarah and Zoe, plus his son, Joe, and six grandchildren: Jemima, Joseph, Louie, Matilda, Samuel and Maximilian.

The archive is an illustrated, captioned listing of most of my commissioned and self-generated projects from 1958, up to and including 2008.

The archive is shown in chronological order but can also be viewed by category, purpose and material

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Studio/workshop: Persistence Works, 21 Brown Street, Sheffield, S1 2BS. UK

  • Bishop's Morse for Guilford Cathedral

    Bishops’ Morse


    Bishops’ Morse made during 2nd yr. studies at the RCA, together with the design for a Verger’s Wand (the Wand was made by Padgett & Braham Ltd., except the dove was of my making. Both items for Guildford Cathedral, commissioned given by The Goldsmiths’ Company.

  • King & Queen Chess Pieces

    King and Queen, Two Chess pieces


    King and Queen, Two Chess pieces, a ‘fun’ diversion during 1st year studies at the Royal College of Art, in the ‘spirit’ of Chitty ,..Chitty …Bang ….Bang !, (silver, formed, chased, etched, parcel-gilt, rosewood)

    Original sketch drg. for the King (Chess piece)

    Two further views of the King and Queen Chess pieces made during 1st yr. at the Royal College of Art.

  • Chocolate Pot - 2nd year project at RCA

    Chocolate Pot


    Chocolate Pot designed during my 2nd yr. at the RCA and manufactured by the resident Master craftsman, Tom Boucher.

  • Ceremonial Mace

    Mace for The Furniture Makers’ Guild


    A Mace commissioned by Sir Oliver Lebus for The Furniture Makers’ Guild and made primarily by Padgett & Baham Ltd. and T&A Wise Ltd. then in Broadwick Street, Soho, London. This was a memorable learning experience during my 2nd. yr. at the RCA. And the fantastic quality of craftsmanship adds greatly to the richly decorative effect so that the Mace is, for me, ‘a jewel’. I must mention the joy I felt on seeing the naturalistically worked silver leaves of British trees which Mr. A. Wise was carving and together with a spiralling ribbon of silver he was most skilfully, if magically it seemed to me, inlaying into the Yew-wood Shaft.

    Another view of the Mace commissioned by Sir Oliver Lebus for The Furniture Makers’ Guild.

    Third view, Mace for The Furniture Makers’ Guild.

  • Casket for Stockport Grammar School

    Cigarette Box


    Cigarette Box for Stockport Grammar School, designed during my final year at the RCA, (silver, lined with Yew, the box was substantially made by the resident Master craftsman Tom Boucher, engraving by T & A Wise Ltd.).

  • Aston University Students Union President's Badge

    Badge of Office for the President of The Guild of Students


    Badge of Office for the President of The Guild of Students, Birmingham College of Advanced Technology – now Aston University, (silver, enamelling & engr. by Phil Barnes, green Aventurine Quartz).

  • The Hadfield Cigarette Box

    Cigar Box


    Cigar Box. My design/drawing having been selected in a national competition sponsored by the then steel manufacturing company Hadfields Ltd. This piece was commissioned as a gift to Sheffield Civic Collection. (silver, lined with Yew, the lid was specially engraved by the distinguished wood engraver Reynolds Stone)

    Another view of the Hadfields Cigar Box

  • Ciborium for Greatham Hospital

    Standing Pyx/Ciborium


    Standing Pyx/Ciborium commissioned by The Greatham Hospital, Co. Durham.

    With cover removed, Standing Pyx/Ciborium for The Greatham Hospital, Co. Durham.

  • Pair of Altar Candlesticks

    Pair of Altar Candlesticks for All Saints’ Church


    Pair of Altar Candlesticks made for All Saints’ Church, Woodlesford, Nr. Leeds,

  • 4-light candlestick with low 'scalloped' base

    4-light Candlestick


    A 4-light Candlestick with a low ‘scalloped’ base. (silver, with black acrylic inset foot).

    This is a trial fabrication prior to attempting the more difficult 6-light Centrepiece with independent Hors-d’oeuvre dishes, which was subsequently commissioned by The Goldsmiths’ Company. Purchased for The Pearson Silver Collection.