Keith Tyssen's design and metalwork combines quiet originality with a light-hearted and elegant style, fine quality manufacture and attention to the client’s wishes. He graduated from the Royal College of Art in the 1960's and is a Liveryman of both the Goldsmiths' Company and of the Pewterers' Company.

This website indicates something of his personal style and range of pieces since his student days in London, years of teaching and currently making fine silverwork in his workshop in Sheffield. His website is almost up to date and illustrates both his silverwork and works in other metals including pewter and shows a wide variety of commissioned pieces for:- Civic, Ceremonial, Religious Institutions, Universities, Companies, Museums and for private collectors in many parts of the world.

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By his patient and thorough approach to design for silverwork and similarly in other metals, Keith Tyssen brings the highly disciplined 'eye' of a designer/silversmith to his range of materials. Keith suggests; "This as a more refined, critical approach, that brings to my work in other metals a personal and carefully developed form, detail and design/manufacturing response".

'Indulgence for a light drinker'

He continues:- "A design should be apt, well-conceived and realised through a well managed combination of invention, good technique, material, construction and thoughtful finish. These things together are essential ingredients for arriving at a fine quality product, and a good design is all of that. I prefer design that makes a bold visual statement, but calmly (mostly) and well-tempered enough to equip an object with a reassuring presence, enabling it to stand alone or to harmonise within its setting. For me, this forms a major part of the appeal of any good design, no matter its market value or social status."

Occasionally, Keith has featured the darker oxidized tones of silver to dramatic and beautiful effect, as recently with his 9-light Table-piece in Sterling silver and glass, and latterly with a 'perfect gift' piece entitled 'Indulgence for a light drinker'.

This is a useful and fun piece in Hall-marked Sterling silver and significantly with a dark-oxidized finish which may be enjoyed as silver that requests not to be cleaned !

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Keith Tyssen is a designer/maker of contemporary silverwork who completed 3 yrs. postgraduate studies at The Royal College of Art in London in the 1960’s who achieved successes in national design competitions and has won commissions for fine, elegant silverwork made in the workshop he opened in Sheffield in 1963. His current studio/workshop is at Persistence Works, in Sheffield.

The Goldsmiths’ Company commissioned his prize winning entry in the Topham Trophy Design Competition in 1966, to add to their Modern Plate Collection and over the years Keith has made further significant pieces commissioned by or via The Goldsmiths’ Company as gifts of contemporary silverwork for Universities, Colleges and for The Church through their policy of encouraging others and benefactors to commission pieces of suitably modern design in silver. In 1968 he was made a Freeman and in 1984 a Liveryman of the Goldsmiths’ Company.

In 1990, at London's 'Top Drawer' Show (then at Crystal Palace), Keith exhibited his first double-skin Bowl (303mm. dia.) in modern-pewter. It won the Award for ‘Best New Product’ over the whole show. This piece together with a later and slightly larger bowl, also in pewter, were purchased by the V&A Museum for the permanent collection. This initial success at the ‘Top Drawer’ Show was repeated in 1995 by again winning the ‘Best New Product Award’ in the whole show with his double-skin pewter Beaker 88mm. h., selected by Ilse Crawford and Joseph Ogundehin.

Keith's designs are frequently exhibited via Contemporary British Silversmiths (CBS) and with British Silver Week (BSW), at a variety of other Shows and also made for individual customers. "Although I choose to hold but very little stock, a few new pieces are available for immediate sale. Otherwise, I am delighted to design and make particular pieces for individual customers who usually take a close personal interest in the development of the pieces they decide to commission".

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